WRT54G sees but doesn't see internet...?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by wyth, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. wyth

    wyth Network Guru Member

    I'm just slinging this out in the hopes some genius has an answer to offer while I'm searching for an answer myself.

    I'm just getting wired up in my new apartment. Brand new D-Link cable modem, works fine. I can hook it up straight to the desktop or laptop with no problems and ride the waves, which is how I'm posting this. With the router (WRT54G v.2, Alchemy firmware) it's a different story. And I'll preface this by saying it worked in the last place and hasn't been damaged.

    The short of it is, everything seems to be in order, working with default settings, and when plugged in to the modem the Internet light comes on, but there's no connection being made. First tried to get the wireless going, and that did broadcast well and good, but there was no actual connection (meaning although everything said all systems go, I couldn't actually get on the web). So to double-check, I ran the modem to the router and ran another direct wired link to the laptop to see if this was a wireless problem or something else.

    It's something else, and that's what I'm hoping you, whoever you may be, knows something about. After running the wire from the modem into the router and then another wire from the router to the computer, the Internet light is on (and I can get into the web interface to monkey with the firmware), I can't actually get on the web.

    So somewhere along the way the modem and the router aren't actually talking to each other, even though they look like it. They're faking it. It's like a silent film. And silent films can be annoying. And this is getting annoying. My wife needs the desktop and I need the laptop and we both need access.

    So that's my sob story. I'm about to the hair-pulling-out stage.

    Drop some science on me.
  2. G_Styles

    G_Styles Network Guru Member

    Ok, well you still have some hair left, lets go over the basics. You mentioned you are running alchemy, and I assume that at some point after flashing the router that you have tested it and it was working. Is your computer set up to obtain an ip address automatically? Some ISP's track MAC addresses, you may need to plug in the computer you are using right now, and access your router from it. Then use the "clone mac address" feature.

    If the basics don't help, post back.
  3. bluebox

    bluebox Network Guru Member

    Yup, my money is on the MAC address also. You can also try and reboot the cable modem while hooed up to the router. It probably won't help, but I have seen cases where they will allow a MAC change on modem power-cycle.

    You can also call the cable company to have them reset the locked MAC address on their router.
  4. wyth

    wyth Network Guru Member

    Think I have it solved. I did a few power down cycles of everything, modem computer and router, and did a hard reset of the router when I powered back up. Don't ask me why, but this is the manyith time I've done that tonight, but this time it took.

    But the MAC address stuff is good to know.

    (And yeah, the flash went fine,)
  5. G_Styles

    G_Styles Network Guru Member

    good to hear!
  6. silverwolf_320

    silverwolf_320 Network Guru Member

    OMG!! ME TOO!!

    Ok I set up my new WRT54G with the Alchemy. I was running a DSL Modem through my Belkin, and it was connecting to my Linksys fine..... cuz I have a Desktop upstairs where there is no phone line and so I had my ,linksys upstairs, while my Belkin was hooked up to the DSL Router downstaris....the connection was fine for a month when after installing a hacked version of Norton antivirus I had the disalbe my Linksys so I could hack thorugh my Phone activation... for Norton....Upon enabling it said all systems go and I had an IP and was static.......but I had no rteal connection....I am talking to u guys through my origianl Belkin PCI Wireless card which is horribly slow....so I am hoping for a solution...plz help.....
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