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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ameilius, May 18, 2009.

  1. ameilius

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    ok - ive tried EVERYTTTHING

    my roomate and i are both pc techs - and we're at a loss here....

    first off - we have a wrt54g v2 - latest firmware (from linksys site) - default settings etc...

    after no more than a day of restoring factory defaults (this is the only way to temporarily fix the speed issues) it ALWAYS reverts... sloowwww dns (ive tried hardcoding) - impartial page loads - but if i go do a speed test, the total mb/s is exactly what we are getting with our internet tier from comcast...

    connected DIRECTLY to the modem, theres NEVER any speed issues - for days - my roomate went on vacation for a week and i had the modem directly connected to my pc - and the speed was terrific all week

    this is the 2nd linksys router or i would SURELY say its a router issue - other is a wireless N (which we RMA'd from linksys before because of this issue) - both do the same thing - after no more than a day, net is very slow and unrepsonsive, but connected none-the-less

    MTU is good - ive tried all variations of settings - nothing works... please can someone steer me in the right direction other than "get a new router" because we've gone that route.....

    tks in advance all!!
  2. ameilius

    ameilius Addicted to LI Member

  3. ameilius

    ameilius Addicted to LI Member

    3rd party firmware saved the day.....
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