WRT54G to a WAP11

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by scoseg, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. scoseg

    scoseg Guest

    I have done some reading and worked with Linksys and until this forum, was told that there was no way to get the two devices to talk to each other.

    I just went out and purchased the WRT54G so if there is something else that is better for my setup, please let me know.

    I set up the WRT54G at my neighbors place (apt complex, so a great signal). The only thing on that side is the WRT54G. She connects to it from her laptop wirelessly.

    I have a small network in my apt. that I would like to connect to the WRT54G. On my end, I have a WAP11 connected to a switch where I have 2 other desktops connected. I would like to have the desktops be able to get internet access through the WAP11 connected to the WRT54G. Is this possible with any of the 3rd party firmware?

    My requirements are:
    1. Still allow my neighbor wireless access to the WRT54G in her apt.
    2. Be able to access the internet from my segment through the WAP11.

    Is this possible with the equipment I have? Please let me know if I can clarify.


    Edit: After some more reading, I believe that this is possible (correct me if I am wrong). This could be accomplished by using the Sveasoft firmware on the WRT54G and the DWL900+ firmware on the WAP11 - is this correct?) Know of a good write up to walk through this process so I don't have two bricks?

    Thanks again!
  2. wagonburner

    wagonburner Guest

    I just reg'ed hoping to see if I could get answers to a similar question.

    I have a wrt54gv2 w/ satori fw, a wap11v2 w/ dwl-900ap+ fw and a laptop with a no name wireless b card.

    I am wanting to use the wrt54g as a router/ap like it was meant to and have the wap11 running in client mode plugged into the ethernet port of a pc as well as using the laptop.

    if i put the wap11 in client mode it gives me a connection and everything works perfect for that pc except:

    1. I have to have ssid broadcast enabled on the wrt54g for some reason, the wap11 won't connect without.

    and 2. if I have the wap11 powered up the laptop with the b card will not connect. and vice versa.

    I've set the wrt54g to B-only mode with no help and have tried it with and without wep and still get the same thing. any ideas?
  3. xcelpro

    xcelpro Guest


    I am trying a similar thing, so I am by no means an expert. But from what I have read in Linksys' documentation, once you set a WAP11 to "AP Client" mode, it will no longer be an "Access Point" for wireless devices like PC cards, laptops with Wireless-B cards, etc.

    As far as I have currently researched, there is no single device that will allow you to "bridge" your apartment to a neighbor's DSL/Cable Router and also allow you to have wireless devices connect to the device in *your* apartment.

    :oops: Or, were you saying with your setup, your "no name" Wireless-B laptop does not connect to your *neighbor's* Router ONLY when your WAP is turned ON?
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