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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sos66, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. sos66

    sos66 Network Guru Member


    I’m trying to set up a wireless bridge

    Internet<->WRT54G ~~~ wireless ~~~ WAP54G<->Laptop.

    The WRT54G will be 1 of 5 stationary routers and the WAP54G will travel in an RV to the 5 sites.

    I followed the suggestion at Linksys website


    but I can not get even the first one to work.

    I’m under instructions to use only Linksys firmware and the link must be encrypted.

    Seeing how this is the first time I have worked with wireless devices I was hoping someone could help.

  2. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    im not sure if linksys firmware even will support a bridged connection
    you may have to use other firmware.

    of course linksys will not tell you that.
    the wrt54g can use client mode and bridge mode

    im pretty sure that it would be easier (worth it) to use another wrt54g in the rv since it can be a client to any other wireless ap or other (even peer to peer)
    why do you need to use an ap to go in the rv?
    you could use a usb wireless nic to do a better job of connecting to the wrt54g's even if you had to run a crappy laptop in the rv as a wireless router/bridge.

    i dont know how many computers will have to be in the rv though.
    repost with a little more info about the exact rv setup. and i may be of more help.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WAP54G can be set up as a wireless bridge to the WRT54G. You have to have at least a firmware version of 2.02.2 on the WRT54G. I would suggest you upgrade to the latest firmware version 2.08 on the WAP54G, it supports WPA-PSK on both repeater and bridge mode. The laptop in your diaagram, appears to be wired to the WAP54G. In that configuration you want to use the WAP54G in bridge mode. If you want to use it a repeater and you are connecting to the WAP54G with the laptop via a wireless connection. The only supports one MAC address in repeater mode and four in bridge mode, so you will be one short of the five routers. The link you provided only show how to set it up in repeater mode, not wireless bridge mode. I have a WAP54G hooked up to a WRT54GV1, which is an access point to a WRT54GX. I am using WPA-PSK TKIP between the WRT54G v1 and the WAP54G. The WRT54GX uses WPA-PSK AES and has only one wireless client.

    Hook up the WAO54G directly to the first WRT54G you want to bridge to. Connect your laptop, that you are going to use to setup the WAP54G to the WRT54G via a wired or wireless connction. If you have MAC Address filtering, both the MAC address of the WAP54G and the Laotop's MAC address must be in the list of PC allowed to access the WRT54G. The WRT54G has three MAC addresses, you have to use the Wireless MAC address, thye differ by one in the last character of the MAC address. The Wireless MAC address is one character higher than that of the one on the routers status page for example the last two character in my routers MAC address is 69, the last two characters in the wireless will be 6A, which is one character more in hexadecimal. Start the borowser and type in the default IP Address of the WAP54G, which is You should be prompted for a password. Enter the default password of "admin", which you should change. TEnter it in loser case and without the quotation marks. The setup screen will now display, change the mode to match that of your router, the SSID, enable SSID broadcast on both your roter and WAP54G and set the channel to match the first router. All five routers will have to be setup to same values. Select DHCP, since your router will be assigning a IPaddres to the WAP54G and the one wired LAN client. Save your setting. Select enable security and setup your setting, you can use WEP or WPA-PSK in bridge or repeater mode. Make certain you use the exactly the same keys, In WEP enter the first key only and save your settings for WEP or WPA-PSK. Next select the AP Mode in the menu. You will be using Bridge Mode. Enter the MAC address of the wireless part of your router in the first box and select bridge mode and save your setting. Last change tha password to a value other than "admin" and save your setting. You should be setup in bridge mode at this point. Disconnect the WAP54G and power it down, connect your Laptop to the ethernet port on the WAP54G. Power both the WAP54G and the laptop up. You should be able to access the internet and the network of the WRT54G at this point. :D . Add the MAC addresses of the next three WRT54Gs and try to access the next three. You are limited to four MAC addresses. :cry: Your only other alterative is to use a WRT54G instead of the WAP54G and to WDS, with Sveasoft Satori or Achemy or with HyperWRT. Downsides to WDS is the lost of bandwidth. You can follow another thread to the use WDS with HyperWRT.
  4. sos66

    sos66 Network Guru Member

    IT now works T

    It now works Thank you howardp6.

    The downside is the fact I can only connect one router to the WAP54G. With that in mind I'm going to suggest to my boss we buy High gain antanna's for each of the 5 routers and go with a wireless card in the RV.

    Unless someone knows how to change the wireless MAC address of a WRT54G?

    Thanks again.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    In bridge mode you can specify up to four MAC addresses, so you should be able to connect to four out of the five routers. The only MAC address you can change is the one for the WAN connection and that will not help you. The wireless card usually does not have upgradable antennas and upgrading the routers is half the issue, to work well the laptop antenna should be upgraded too. Maybe you cna have two WAP54G's one set with three MAC addresses and the other one with two.
  6. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    is there a mac addr config file? i know this ap runs linux so if there was, in theory you could specify a bunch of mac's maybe?

    wordwrap???? anyone
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