WRT54G to WRT54GC Routing through WAN Interface

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by stevenme, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. stevenme

    stevenme Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54GC that I'd like to add to an existing WRT54G network. Although I've seen posting on how to make this work on the same subnet, I'd like to see if I can make it work using 2 different subnets. Here's the config:

    Internet <--> (WAN)WRT54G(LAN) <--> (WAN)WRT54GC
    WRT54G =
    WRT54GC = and, static)

    Both have DHCP enabled for their LAN. Not surprisingly, the 192.168.2 network can see it's subnet and the 192.168.1, but from the 192.168.1 subnet the .2 subnet is not visible. This may actually be a desirable scenario, but for now my goal is one happy routed network where the .1 sees the .1 and .2, and the .2 sees the .2 and .1.

    After messing with the WRT54GC configuration for a couple of hours, I'm wondering if this is even possible. Some questions:

    1. What is the difference between "Operating Modes" "Gateway" and "Router"?
    2. I tried setting the GC to "Router" and putting entries in the G's routing table like -> (LAN), but I still could not ping from the .1 to the .2.
    3. Could the GC's WAN port be NATing, and if so is there a way to turn this off? I would have thought Operating Mode=Router would do this.
    4. Is it impossible to use the WAN port of the GC as a router?

    I am running the latest stock Linksys firmware, so maybe there's something else out there that solves this problem?

    BTW, my real goal is to replace the ethernet connection between the G and GC with a WET54G wireless bridge. This would give me a standalone wireless remote network (.2) that I can switch into main main (.1) network if I need to.
  2. stevenme

    stevenme Network Guru Member

    HELP! I believe my configuration is correct, but...

    do I need to power cycle the WRT54G after setting a new static route and/or power cycle the WRT54GC after changing the operating mode to "router"? I keep going over my settings but I just can't find the problem. Thanks,

  3. stevenme

    stevenme Network Guru Member

    Ok, I give up. I'm not sure where the problem is, but I just tried creating a DMZ on the WRT54GC, and even that would not work. I tried accessing the DMZ'd IP from the .1 subnet using the IP of the .2 subnet gateway using ping and remote desktop with the firewall on XP turned off, but no go.

    Since no one on this forum has a clue, I doubt I'll be able to figure it out either.

  4. stevenme

    stevenme Network Guru Member

    If anyone is interested...

    I have a partial solution to this configuration. By setting the WRT54GC to an IP of it magically switches to router mode. This allows full router capability through the WAN port. I had similar result connecting into one of the LAN ports, but this is a little better because it does not tie up a LAN port. Oddly enough, once set in this mode you cannot access the GC configuration any more (LAN or WAN).

    This solves everything but being able to configure 2 subnets, but I believe with the standard Linksys firmware, that's impossible.

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