WRT54G upload/download degrading!?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Dethshaft, Jul 21, 2004.

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    Hey everyone, I am new here so just giving a shout out! :)

    I just bought myself a Linksys WRT54G based on the praise this unit gets on this forum and in reviews. My problem isnt really dealing with the wireless aspect, but my computer, which is directly connected into one of the ethernet ports. I seemed to have taken a HUGE hit in my upload and download speeds, particularly upload. It almost seems like the transfers start out strong but rapidly decrease and than my values are about 60% lower than when I am directly connected to the modem. I have my MTU set to manual and it is at 1400, but that did not help. I turned off the router and cable modem a few times following the instructions given but my speeds are still suffering dramtically. I can live with the download hit, but my upload speeds are horrendous. I am not very educated in the way of networking and routers but I have gone through the Linksys knowledge base and I could not find anything on this subject. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, my firmare is v2.02.7
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    sounds like a flaky cable or port on the router

    Sounds like a bad CAT5 cable or a flaky port on your router. It could also be caused by a port speed/duplex mismatch. I would try a different cable, use a short high quality one, and switch ports on the switch. Also check the cable from the router to the modem. if that doesn't work check if your NIC on your PC is negotiating at 100mb full duplex.
  4. Dethshaft

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    That is my result. Can you adjust the RWIN without hacking the registry? I am using the cable that came with the router as well as the one I used with the modem by itself. The one I used with my modem seems fine. I will however swap out the Linsys one for another. BTW, ports 1 and 2 have the same results. It seems my results seem good, but the uploads are defintley slower. My myspeed.net tests are down/3.3 mbps and up/.2 mbps
  5. Dethshaft

    Dethshaft Network Guru Member

    well, I think I am going to send this router back. I need a router that can actually run Bit Torrents and P2P programs. This thing just seems to suck at all of these things and gives me an upload rate of a 56ker.
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