WRT54G v.3.0 reboots on heavy WLAN-LAN traffic

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by thanatos2k, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. thanatos2k

    thanatos2k Network Guru Member

    I just got a WRT54G v3.0, and it is exhibiting some strange behavior. If there is high traffic from the WLAN to the LAN, such as a large FTP transfer, the unit resets.

    I have tried with the same results using the latest Alchemy, Talisman/Basic (Official, not the hacked BS), and stock linksys firmware, as well as several pairings of WLAN and LAN clients. Is the unit Fubar'd or is that normal? Or has anyone had the same problem/know of a possible solution? I still have 3 weeks to return the unit to Fry's if it is defective. ;-)
  2. jzeitz

    jzeitz Network Guru Member

  3. thanatos2k

    thanatos2k Network Guru Member

    Tried that firmware, problem still exists. I think I will probably return this fella next week and go for a v2.2 or a GS.
  4. jzeitz

    jzeitz Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G 2.2 and have no problems with it.

  5. thanatos2k

    thanatos2k Network Guru Member

    Have you tried to enable Speed Boost?
  6. cbolton6001

    cbolton6001 Guest

    I also had the same issue with one of my WRT54G v3 running 1.05 of Sveasoft. I tried resting to default settings, reloading firmware, everything, nothing helped. I purchased another WRT54G v3 and did the upgrade to Sveasoft 1.05, set the settings the same as I had before and I have had no problem in 2 weeks, so I am returning my unit that could not handle large tranfer files. Maybe a hardware issue or hardware vendor change or something, I do not know.
  7. jzeitz

    jzeitz Network Guru Member

    Yes i did that too, but it didn't give me any speed improvements since I'm using Airport Extreme, and airport doesn't seem to support speedboost.

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