WRT54G v.4 Latency Issues (Firmware Help?)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Jkursar, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Jkursar

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    Hey all,

    Like to say thank you in advance..

    I bought this router about 2 months ago and just set it up the other day. I went though registration fine, set up wireless, and upgraded to latest firmware from linksys website. I play World of Warcraft on a daily basis and read the problems people have while playing wirelessly ( I decided to try it, and indeed, my latency hovered around a 1000). I have fowarded ports 3724, 6112, and 6881-6999 on the router as suggested by WoW. I plugged my cable from my computer to the router to the modem, and during the morning and day, my latency has hit as low as 30, but as 6-7pm rolls around it ups itself to 250, then steadily increases to an unplayable 450-500. I played this game on a belkin router at home, I am now at Cornell University on Road Runner Cablem, with no such issues. I read the WoW forums with people with high latencys on WRT54G's and GS's, but most of their problems have been fixed by a modded firmware, found here Modded Firmware . But my router will not flash to this, as I believe only version 3 and lower will work.

    Basically, anyone encourtered this problem? I can try to call Road Runner Cable, but I know back home, as the night hit, my latency stayed the same. I would also like to go wireless, but will settle for wired if i can get my latency back to normal.

    Thanks for any input you can put in. I'll try anything at this point...

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