WRT54G v.5 - Internet Connections Freezes

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by xsandro, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. xsandro

    xsandro Guest

    Hi guys!!!

    I have a "big" problem with my WRT54G v.5 that nor the Linksys Support solved.

    Well, when the Internet connection is inactive for more than ~1 hours, the modem freezes, I can´t reach the Internet (outside) anymore and when I try to access the admin interface, I authenticate but I can't see any pages...

    So, when I put my Desktop machine directly connected this problem doesn't happen. I left my machine on during 24 hours and I didn't have any problems with connection freezing...

    My Internet Connection Type is DHCP (with MAC Clone enable) and the Internet port is directly connected with the ISP cable.

    Also, I tried to reduce the MTU in Linksys (I tried 1492, 1400, 1300) and in another attempt I left 1500 in Linksys and I reduced the MTU in the Desktop Ethernet Interface with DrTCP.

    Finally, the Linksys Support recommended the exchange of the equipment, I made the exchange in the store that I bought the product, however the problem still alive... :-(

    I am thankful if somebody will be able to help me!

  2. BigOil

    BigOil Guest

    check for an IP conflict

    this happened to me because the gateway router had same IP address as wireless (gateway turned off)

    changed it to and all is well
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