WRT54G v.5 losing internet connection

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by VadWiser, Nov 2, 2005.

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    First of all I must say this will be kind of long.

    I've flashed my former WRT54G ver. 3.1 with the 4.20.7 fw (upgrade reported as succesfull) and the router turned into a nice brick. No ping, no reset, only the power light flashing and the internal switch were working. Having to chose between losing guarantee opening and shorting the pin16 with the antenna and returning the router to get another one I chose the last option.
    Predictable enough I recieved a brand new v5 with the so called inexistant 1.00.1 firmware installed.
    I ignored the SES & install cd stuff and entered my well known settings by hand.
    Static IP, no DHCP server, wirless WPA TKIP with no SSID broadcast. The router worked flawlessly for a day or so. Today I discovered the first glitch in the Matrix. No it was not a black cat or another kind of deja vu. Strangely enough the internet connection was lost but the local network (wired & wireless) was working. The broadband modem indicated a healthy internet connection so what the heck?
    I tried restarting the modem. Nothing. Reset. No. hard reset, not at all.
    Then I noticed that even if I entered my Internet IP Address correctly, in the status window the IP Address was 0000000 with nice litle points between ;)
    Then I noticed also that even if the DHCP server was disabled the number of pc with server assigned address was not grayed out as usual. Enabling DHCP server again was a good idea: the lost internet connection came back to life. Disabling DHCP server another time : no internet again. F*c_k the system, I need deisabling dhcp server because of some ports open on a specific pc on the network.
    I switched on/off the DHCP server a couple of times and the glitch eventually dissapeared. Now things returned to normal (I hope).
    Perhaps this will help someone else in the same situation. The router works as supposed now.
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