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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by lbjandai, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    I see that version 5 is pretty bad after reading some threads here. I have had one for a while and the main problem i have,

    (other then random disconnects and almost a weekly tech chat with linksys support on why my computer wont connect, etc.)

    is that i have the router 60 feet away from a desktop computer with a linksys USB wireless adapter, and it has a low or very low connection and that makes the internet slower.

    (At my other house with a version 3 wrt54g router, i can get a good or low or very low connection, but still damn fast two levels up!)

    Is this just the crap that is version 5? is it something about how the house is built? the phones? These things shouldnt matter because i had a airport router that went between a mac and a windows wirelessly and it worked PERFECTLY, amazingly.
    When we got rid of the mac we couldnt get the router to work, so we bought the linksys because i had so much success with it at my other house.

    Now its just a mess, i get fine wireless connection in the same room, but it gets alot worse as you simpley walk down the hallway into the living room. And yes, the router is as high as it can go, about a foot away from the ceiling, which is SUPPOSED to help the connection. I also bought the range expander antennas!

    (I dont know what to do, if i could ever get the airport to work again, which i spent a small fortune on, that would be great, but i doubt that will ever happen.)

    Given the situation, should i..

    1) get new firmware for it, like a 3rd party one
    2) buy a version 1-4 WRT54G
    3) buy a wrt54GL
    4) do something else....
  2. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    bumping up. Any help here guys?
  3. dbcch

    dbcch LI Guru Member

    For some reason it hurts my eyes to read what you wrote ;p. Can you simplify it into a couple sentences?
  4. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    What's between the AP and the wireless card? I go about 60 feet through 3 brick walls, some closets, and a mirror, with a wrt54gs V5.1, and my speed drop to 5.5 or even 1 Mbps.

    I'm not sure, but I think the mirror between the 2 severely reduce the signals, due to the metal layer.

  5. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    huh wow. I really think it is version 5, my other house is a lot bigger then this and we get good or low connection ONLY on the top level, two levels up. It has to go through ceilings, i mean i dunno i really think its the crap that is version 5
  6. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    i organized it a little more, the bold is the real problem, the unbold is kinda a backstory a little bit, showing the frustration and problems i have gone through
  7. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    bumping up, please guys
  8. lbjandai

    lbjandai LI Guru Member

    Ok i need to know, to make the range better, to improve connection, is this my house or is this havng to do with the router, and how crappy it is?

    Im frankly suprised i havent been able to receive much help on this....

    i read on the forums that there was one 3rd party firmware that worked with v. 5, the DD WRT mini or micro firmware or something, if this is true, would this help my problem? If so, i could really use some help on how to install it. BUt before that i really would like to know what i should do here...
  9. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    lbjandai, we are not at your house....

    I recently installed http://www.dd-wrt.com/ micro V23 SP1 and the later the SP2 (alpha) on my GS V5.1. The range is not any better or worse than what it was with stock Linksys firmware. Perhaps I just have'nt played with it enough... dd-wrt lets you adjust the Tx power and do all sorts of smart stuff, but the range to a standard adapter is mostly determined by the adapter IMHO. I found that increasing the Tx power of the router seems to lower the range of my WPC54GS - it seems due to some "masking" (for lack of a better word and understanding of radio stuff) from the stronger signal from the router. So, I'm back at 28mW Tx power.

    Check http://www.bitsum.com/openwiking/owbase/ow.asp?WRT54G5_CFE (as mentioned in several other threads) if you want to try the other firmware.

    Regarding the "crappy V5": IMHO the radio on the other versions is not any better (gurus, please correct me if I'm wrong). The crappyness comes in because of the VxWorks OS and limited flash (2MB), which limits the number of features that can be run on the router. dd-wrt gives you quite enough though, IMO.
  10. moogprodigy

    moogprodigy LI Guru Member

    *BUMP* Same problem with my V5 - It is crap but I cannot return it! Is there still no 3rd party firmware that fixes the constant random wireless disconnects?
  11. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Random wireless disconnects, bad range, etc. are 99% not firmware related, but are usually the result of the wireless adapter/card and driver on the PC.

    To fix that, you usually have to tweak settings on the adapter, and then tweak firmware settings on the router (but not card and router together!), and hopefully you'll end up with something better than what you have now. The stock firmware does not allow a lot of tweaking, so if you follow the dd-wrt link in post #9 above, you can load dd-wrt.

    Start with upgrading your wireless adapter's driver though, and if the firmware allows, turn off WMM (Wireless Multi-media extensions) and Speedbooster/Afterburner on the router.

    Edit: I forgot to add: If you are using torrents, playing internet games, and such, you may be overloading your router's connections. if so, see if the disconnects continue if you stop some of those.
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