WRT54G v1.0 bricked: what pins to short?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Towncivilian, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Towncivilian

    Towncivilian LI Guru Member

    I've got a WRT54G v1.0 here, which died suddenly. Power cycling it shows the "power" and "diag" light very dimly lit, and solid. I don't have another power adapter to test as this one is 5v, all my other Linksys ones are 12v. The connector on the Linksys is slightly too large for a normal 5v adapter.

    Anyway, I've found a tutorial on how to "un-brick" this router which involves shorting some pins on the flash chip. However, the flash chip is not an Intel one and there are no numbers for the pins. I'm correct in assuming that the flash chip is the one partially blocked by the mini-PCI card, yes? I've already removed the mini-PCI card.

    I know to short pins 15 & 16, but I don't know which ones they are due to the lack of numbers. Has anyone ever attempted this method before with a v1.0 router? Any hints?
  2. 68jimmy

    68jimmy LI Guru Member

    Same Issue! Need assistance

    I am experiencing the same issues with my v1 WRT54G as well. It was happily running HyperWRT for almost 6 months with no reboots. Last week I changed to Tomato and all was well through the week. Then last night after updating a WAN Up script I rebooted the router through the GUI and it never came back. All I have is a green power and red diag leds. I have tried various combinations of power and reset button to no avail...

    Need Help!

    thanks in advance....

  3. R0B0T

    R0B0T Network Guru Member


    along time ago, i found a tutorial, i am not gonna look for it now, but i belive its in the 80s or 90s of this thread, thats when these routers were main stream, but i did this one and it was pin 16-17 atleast thats what i remember, you have the two shorted, plug in the power and its suppose to erase it, if you hvae a continuous ping going to the router it should go from host no found to

    ping reply blah blah
    and then use linksys TFTP to tftp the firmware to the router, oh and the DMZ light should be blinking which indicates its in TFTP mode, but i maybe wrong, either way if you search DD-WRT forums or these i think its here or there
  4. 68jimmy

    68jimmy LI Guru Member

  5. R0B0T

    R0B0T Network Guru Member

  6. danix71

    danix71 LI Guru Member

    If v.1.0 is the same as v.1.1, you can use this tip:
    from here.
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  8. MrUmunhum

    MrUmunhum LI Guru Member

    You may not need to open the unit? Try this first:
    I have debricked many of my WRT54Gs using this procedure. It will work but some steps need to be done multiple times.
  9. Towncivilian

    Towncivilian LI Guru Member

    If v1.0 was the same as v1.1, I wouldn't be posting here.

    The flash chip is completely different. There is no pinout on the PCB. How am I supposed to figure out which pins are 15 & 16?
  10. jksmurf

    jksmurf Network Guru Member

    I think if you do bit more searching, you'll also find that the WRT54Gv1.0 also had an issue with the PS adapter dying i.e. Rig was in fact OK.

    Search google for WRT54Gv1 "Power Supply" and WRT54Gv1.0 "Power Supply" and you'll see what I mean.

    e.g. http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=4937

    Mine never died though, even before I ripped out the Wireless Card and stuck it in my wifes' notebook...

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