wrt54g v1.0 burned voltage regulator

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Deleted member 11230, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. I've got a wrt54g v1 that had its power supply die. I read that wrt54g could take a huge range of voltages, something like 2v-18v. I didn't look through enough posts to notice that this applies to everything but the v1.0. So I hooked up a 9v 2a power supply to it, and within minutes I heard a pop and a burning smell. There isn't any visible damage to the board. Nothing is cracked, blackened, or even bulging.

    I've googled a few forum threads that talked about this but none of them supplied a solution. They all discussed potentially broken caps, chips, etc..

    Has anybody actually fixed this problem?
  2. dinkydow7

    dinkydow7 Guest

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  3. What?
  4. Xriderbc

    Xriderbc Network Guru Member

    me too

    I accidentally used an older 12 volt supply (for a befsr41) on my v1.0 wrt54g instead of the 5 volt one. No pop or smoke, nothing. Just no more power up! I too have googled for a solution, and have read about possible causes, but no solutions. Is there something in the power supply chain that burns out (capacitor or diode) that might make this salvageable? Oh, and they don't sell for $13......
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Have not fixed a PSU on a WRT, but on many other things. I have been lucky, in most cases it was just the Voltage Regulator that popped. Sometimes the cap in front of the VR would also pop.

    I dunno if a v1 even has a VR (I would think it has), but to find it follow the incoming power to the first device that looks like it makes a short across the - and +. It might have a number that ends in 05 or so on it, and usually is a 3- or 4-leg IC. As the stuff in WRTs are mostly surface mount ICs, you may have trouble working so fine.

    If you find it, and you can de-solder it, take off the VR, and also any caps in front of and just behind it, and then test with a multi-tester to see if you have a short further down the line. If you see a downstream short, think of places where you can use such a nice-looking blue and black paper weight... ;)
  6. I think it is the 8pin surface mounted 5v voltage regulator. The other chips that feed directly from the power adapter can take a larger range of voltages.
    Though this maybe the culprit, I haven't seen any discussion of anybody replacing it.
  7. Xriderbc

    Xriderbc Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the tip on the 8 pin regulator- I had looked and not noticed a 5 pin. The series 1 board layout looks quite different than later models. I'll take another look.
  8. CO-Zman

    CO-Zman Network Guru Member

    I do not believe there is a VR in the "G" v1.0's. Hence the 5v supply. I'm looking for a replacement now.

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