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    (original post: http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.php?threads/wrt54g-v1-1-gpio-7.40959/)

    I got it working acceptably on my wrt54g v1.1 (CDF2) for my "wireless pump controller", so I am posting for posterity:

    1) I never got any "ND" builds to load and run successfully. But these do work for me:
    Tomato 1.28 "stock-- not ND"​
    (I am using the RAF build because I like the "Tools/System" tab)​

    2) gpio enable/disable had no effect, but I eventually discovered "led dmz on/off" (which did not exist on the Toastman build I was using on other routers). This will achieve the same thing for my digital output:
    # note active low.    wrt54g v2-4
    pump_on(){  gpio disable  7 ; }
    pump_off(){ gpio enable  7 ; }
    # gpio doesn't work in wrt54g v1.1 (CDF3), therefore:
    pump_on () { led dmz on; }
    pump_off() { led dmz off; }
    3) For gpio input I am using the same code as on my Toastman build on other (V2-V4) routers, namely:
    # returns 1 if "button" not pushed, 0 if pushed
      local port=$1
      local mask=$(( 1 << $port))
      local ans=$(($(printf "%d" "'`dd if=/dev/gpio/in count=1 2>/dev/null`") & $mask))
      return $((ans != 0))
      # pressure switch is on the "Cisco button", port 4
      if gpio_in 4 ; then echo "ON" ; else echo "OFF" ; fi
    4) Gpio input is a difficult solder point as described in:
    (A good tip is to measure resistance to nearby pads on a high scale before and after soldering to ensure no bridging)​

    5) Unlike the later builds (Toastman e.g.) these firmware versions apparently do not support WPA2 in WEB (Wireless Ethernet Bridge) mode, so I set my main router to WPA/WPA2 and it connected fine using WPA.

    Fun project. I thank all of you who have done, and are doing, the software and hardware hacking on this platform!


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