WRT54G v1.1, with firmware OpenWrt Kamikaze 7.07

Discussion in 'X-WRT - OpenWRT Firmware' started by itpro2005, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. itpro2005

    itpro2005 Guest

    I am using a Linksys WRT54G3G v1.1, with firmware OpenWrt Kamikaze 7.07 (squashfs). After installing OpenWrt using linksys web interface, i tried to install the web interface but not suscefull. Also, when try to change the firmware image to the orginal linksys using tftp in windows XP, i always recive "Timeout" error even when i disable the firewall. when i tried the "Tftp32 by Ph. Jounin" it shows that the transimmtion will begine and only show "block #0" and nothing moving.
    I need your help in changing the firmware to linksys orginal or installing the web interface.
  2. Bill_MI

    Bill_MI Network Guru Member

    ITPro, did you get new firmware in using tftp method? Be sure you're attempting from a static IP machine in 192.168.1.x. If you can telnet into the router it should work - be sure you can, first (don't set a password yet).

    Let us know if you're still stuck or successful. Sorry such a late reply.

    Kamikaze is a big step forward in the Linux environment. But I'm afraid it is a big step backwards for the occasional or non-Linux user (especially Broadcom hardware like the WRT54G-like versions at this time). The old White Russian branch is what I use in full production - if the docs weren't so badly mangled with the release of Kamikaze I'd recommend it for LinkSys WRTs.
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