WRT54G: v1,2,3,etc...: Switch speeds - How determined?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by malfeasance, May 24, 2005.

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    I want to add to my WRT Collection, having one of most versions. However, there has been talk of switch speed differences between the older ADM chips and the newer BCM chips. How has this been determined? I don't doubt the veracity of these statements, considering who has made them, though I sure would like to hear of some data. Also, what QoS and VLAN capabilities have been lost? It would be great to have this data on our site.

    I have been on the relevant websites to discover info and I have found some interesting things. For instance, the is no reference what-so-ever to the BCM5325EKQM chip! There are references to other chips that are now or have been on the WRT PCB's. They do have a reference to a BCM5352E chip which seems which seems like it might be it, though there is limited info on this page:

    The page for the BCM4712 is here (the end letters are missing.)

    You can get info on all of their chips from any of these pages. The old BCM4702 CPU seems to be classified as "802.11x AP/Router Reference Design" now and given a 9 in it's ID. This page includes a pdf link to it's technical specifications which seems to confirm this:

    The ADM chip page is here:

    Forgive my verbosity: one of my shortcomings. I just want to buy one or two more GS's before the Radio Shack sale is off that also includes the rebate. And though I'm a newbie now, that's changing fast because of this wonderful site and I don't want to cut myself off from possibilities in the near future!

  2. malfeasance

    malfeasance Network Guru Member

    Some Test Results

    Okay! Here is a test that was done that seems to verify the speed of the ADM6996L chip boards: TomsNetworking

    I read somewhere that "VLAN Tagging" was not supported in the BCM chip, can't remember where I read it or even know what it means.

    I will be purchasing another GS v.2 today, so I can start doing some tests myself concerning throughput and I will report the results. I will try to duplicate Tom's results with my v.1 GS as well, using the same techniques.

    Will report back. The Good Doctor always wants to know the truth!
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