WRT54G v1 LAN side appears dead ....

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by ole-coot, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. ole-coot

    ole-coot Network Guru Member

    I have been running HyperWRT_tofu12 since it's release. My router was configured as a WDS+AP with no problems. Today, I noticed I could not access the router and could not "see" my other WRT54G. When I plugged my laptop into one of the switch ports of the problem router, I could ping the address of the problem router, but I could not ping the address of anything on the subnet using the problem router's web interface nor could I ping my laptop (directly connected) from the problem router's telnet cli. Any suggestions? Anyone had this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

    Edited --- Sunday 2-19-06

    Ok, after further tinkering .... I can ping all of the hosts that are directly attached to the wired ethernet ports of WRT-1. If I change WRT-1 to wl ap 0 and wl wet 1 I can get WRT-1 and WRT-2 to "see" each other and can ping the addresses of each. Whenever I change WRT-1 to WDS-AP mode, I lose the connection to the WRT-2. I still have the ability to ping everything in the wired ports on WRT-1.
  2. ole-coot

    ole-coot Network Guru Member

    :D Just installed the latest version; HyperWRT_tofu13c and all is well :rockon:

    Don't know what went wrong with tofu12.
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