WRT54g V2.2 client mode and VPN connection over PPP

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by habos, May 31, 2005.

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    I want to thank for you great work for this great firmware and ask for some help. :)
    I got my wrt54g V2.2 a few days ago and I use it to get internet from my wireless provider.
    Currently i'm using it with the freinfunk 1.0.1 firmware as it was the only one that i could setup to work according this manual -> http://woz.gs/wifi/openwrtbridge.html
    With this setup my PC's LAN get's over DHCP the IP from the providers AP, and I can connect to the PPP server from windows. Unfortunatly with this method, after seting up the wrt, i can't access the wrt anymore.

    Here are the details about my wireless internet provider:
    Dynamic IP assigment over DHCP (from the,, or
    DNS: and
    according the windows properties after i made my connection i have the following details:
    Device name: WAN miniport (PPTP)
    Device type: vpn
    Sever type: PPP
    Transports: TCP/IP
    Authentication: MS CHAP V2
    Encryption: MPPE 128
    Compression: MPPC
    PPP multilink framing: Off
    Server IP address:

    I setup in DD-WRT the client mode and eth1 gets it's IP over dhcp but after that i'm stuck. :(
    I can't ping the PPP server and also don't know how to setup the PPP connection.

    Please if somebody can help I would be very happy :)
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