WRT54G V2.2: Question about using 2 routers&about firmw

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Deleted member 11179, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I just got a WRT54G V2.2 for free :D YAY!
    I have a Thomson Speedtouch Home modem an it says in the manual that it's also a "Single router".
    For as far as i understand it means that it's a router, but that it only has 1 connection so you can't connect more than 1 PC, unless you buy a HUB or a Switch.
    The problem is: I want to connect the WRT54G to this Modem/router.
    The situation would be:
    Internet--> Modem/Router--->WRT54G(=Router+Wireless)-->2 pc's
    is It a problem to have 2 routers?

    Another question: I'm going to connect 1 pc to the WRT54G by cable and another one wireless, the wireless pc is going to be about 5 meters(=16-17 feet) distance from the WRT54G, so that's very close.
    I'm just going to surf on the internet with the WRT54G, is there a reason why i should use 3rd party firmware with the risk of getting a bricked wireless router, or is the firmware only for people who want to do more than just surfing on the internet.
    Thanks in advance
  2. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    You'll want to access the modem/routers config page and put it into bridge mode. This disables the router portion of it and lets the WRT do it.

    You'll need to configure the WRT for your particular internet connection though.

    Is this DSL or cable?
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you should at least turn off DHCP on one of them as then both afaik have a DHCP server
  4. step-hen

    step-hen Network Guru Member

    If you don't want to change your modem/router setup (so that it will act as your gateway to outside), connect it to a LAN (!) port of the WRT, and leave the WAN port open. The WRT will then act as switch and AP only.
    Turn off DHCP on the WRT if your modem is running a DHCP server.
    Configure the WRT to a LAN address within the netwotk that is defined by the DHCP server.
  5. Thanks for the Tip Step-Hen but i'd rather use the router function on the WRT54G so i'm going to try that if i fail to disable the router on my modem
    It's the Thomson Speedtouch 530
    I don't know much about routers and stuff so this is very difficult for me
    I don't know how i have to put my modem in bridge mode
    I tried to change "DHCP Server" into "no DHCP" and then connected the WRT54G (i can't get on the speedtouch setup page when i've connected the WRT54G) but i couldn't connect to the internet
    But it might also be because of my lack of knowledge on how to connect the WRT that it doesn't work
    I did as the setup on the CD asked me to
    Does anyone know what i have to do to disable the router function on my modem?
    BTW: i am on a DSL line and if it is of any importance: i connect through pppoe
    Hope someone can help me
    Thanks alot
  6. DrTofu83

    DrTofu83 Network Guru Member

    I'm currently enjoying a WRT54G v5 with an Alcatel/Thompson Speedtouch Home. I think It could be the same thing, although the Speedtouch Home is a far older model with a very different setup page, I see on the SpeedTouch Website.
    You can get the user manual here if you don't have it.

    In fact, so do I. When the Speedtouch is connected to my router via WAN, I'm not able to reach the setup page. Is a thing you must do before.

    At first, refer to the manual and the included CD in the Speetouch to put it in Bridge. When it's in such a mode, Windows will become unable to connect, unless you set up a new network connection with username and password.
    Then, connect the router via WAN to the modem, and let it do the connection.

    I dunno... my Speed Touch was an older model, and it was already shipped to me as a "bridge".
    You can try the "Easy setup" in the main configuration page.
    Then, If you managed to put it in "brige" mode, try creating a "Network Connection" on your PC. If the connection goes, you're ready for let the router work.
  7. I don't understand why but it worked!!!! Thanks a lot DrTofu83!!! :cheering: :clap: :cheer:
    Wat i did: I used the wizard to go to bridge mode
    like always the internet stopped working and i couldn't connect to the modem on anymore, the only way to get my modem back to normal would be to use a technique to return to the factory settings. But This time i tried what DrTofu83 said and i went to the settings in internet explorer and made a new connection, it worked and i could get on the internet (but couldn't get on
    But i had to connect manually, it wasn't an alway on connection.
    Then i went through the wrt54g setup and it told me to turn of my dsl connection, it was a succes and i don't know why but now i have a normal always on connection again and don't have to connect manually when i turn on my computer.
    Anyone have an explanation for this?
    A few questions:

    *on do i have to keep the setting "Connect on Demand: Max Idle Time 5 Min." or is the setting "Keep Alive: Redial Period 30 Sec." better?

    *I live in europe and will only use 802.11g, which Wireless Channel should i use?

    *I tought i would have trouble using p2p software like shareaza but i can connect just fine, is that normal?

    *Is there a reason why i should use 3rd party firmware while i only have 1 Wired connection to the WRT54G and 1 wireless connection?And if i do install 3rd party software i won't be able to use the wizard i used now to get my wrt54g to work right?

    Thanks a lot
  8. step-hen

    step-hen Network Guru Member

    That may be simply because the WRT will encapsulate everything that doesn't belong to its LAN, and send it to its PPP peer - so the modem won't notice it.

    In a DD-WRT forum I found a solution:
    Unfortunately (for you) it's in German, but iptables commands are international :)

    (who had to choose his forum name because the variant without dash had been assigned before)
  9. For as far as i understand they've found a way to acces their modem when the WRT54G is between the modem and the computer, using 3rd party firmware
    But i don't get any of the technical stuff
    I'm a noob when it comes to routers&modems :)
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