WRT54G V2 shows up as WRT54GL in admin page

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by TheHumpinator, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. TheHumpinator

    TheHumpinator LI Guru Member


    Trying to do a factory reset and re-flash my router. Went to the Linksys site and downloaded both the correct exe file and the correct bin file. After flashing with BOTH, I am told in the admin page that the router is a GL and not a G.

    Does this sound as crazy to you as to me?

    Any Idead how to correct this?
  2. PolarUpgrade

    PolarUpgrade Network Guru Member

    You are not crazy. I noticed around 10:00 PM when reflashing this upgrade (to get a clean flash) on my WRT54G v2 router that the name of the router now shows as the WRT54GL in the web setup menu (top right), after the firmware update is run.

    I went back to the Linksys site and redownloaded the WRT54G firmware .ZIP file , unzipped it, and verified that the Readme file referred to the WRT54G. In then reflashed the firmware and got the same result.

    So, I downloaded the current firmware update for the WRT54GL and found that while the Readme file therein does refer to the WRT54GL, the .BIN file appears to be the SAME files as that offered for the WRT54G, as the file size and date stamp are identical. Only the file names are different.

    It may be that the firmware is identical but that someone forgot to adjust the displayed router name in the source code.

    When installed as per my usual approach which is to reset the router to default BEFORE doing a firmware upgrade, and then manually re-enter the setup values needed (not using a stored config file), this upgrade appears to work okay.
  3. TheHumpinator

    TheHumpinator LI Guru Member

    That makes one of us.

    I put dd-wrt on the router now and now have trouble connecting with dchp on it.

    This sucks.

    Seems the manufatcurer download isnt helping the situation.
  4. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member


    Linksys is using the WRT54GL firmware for all of the WRT54G routers now. There is nothing wrong. If it annoys you, then upgrade to HyperWRT Thibor and your router will be called a WRT54GS haha. But you can change the router's name in Basic Setup.

    TheHumpinator: Try DD-WRT's 6-19 version which is located in the untested_alpha_unstable/dd-wrt.v23 multilanguage directory. Be sure to reset your router after flashing.
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