WRT54G V2 & V2.2 Wont brigde

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by flumkin, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. flumkin

    flumkin Network Guru Member

    K - I've followed Celeron's instructions precisely to config my 2 WRT54G'S to bridge, but no dice. One is a 2.2 and the other is v2.

    A couple of questies:
    -when entering the mac's, do I need to make them lower case? (00:F2:C3... vs 00:f2:c3...)
    -do I need to change the router/gateway mode setting on either? (the instructions indicate leaving default, which is gateway)
    -other than pinging, is there a diagnostic to see if the bridge connection is connecting?
    -What is the purpose of the "wl wet" setting & should I use it?

  2. flumkin

    flumkin Network Guru Member

    You'll get nothing and like it!

    Almost a week and no assistance. I was tempted to try alchemy instead of HypeWRT, but what's the deal with having to pay for it. I thought this stuff was open src???

    Anyway, would someone like to try helping me, or is this firmware just junk?

  3. Ice-cream

    Ice-cream Network Guru Member

    don't know if it matters but I alway see them in caps...

    did you try setting a defualt route in the advanced routing?
    ip of the other subnet and gateway ip?

    try dig or traceroute are you running linux or windows?

    on using it im gateway or router is it a gatway to another subnet or is it routing to the bridge?


    dunno does this help?
  4. dremo

    dremo Network Guru Member

    I just got a V2 and V2.2 bridged after some work. The problem that I was having was with the wl wds (MAC address) part of the instructions. I made the mistake of just using the make address on the bottom of the router. This is NOT the MAC address you should be using. You need to go to the Status page and then click on the Wireless. This will show you the MAC address of the wireless chip.

    If you have the correct MAC have you tested that each router works independently?

  5. flumkin

    flumkin Network Guru Member

    Multiple MACs?

    So the MAC printed on the router is not the same as is the wireless chip?

    That would be a problem... I'll check it and get back.

  6. dremo

    dremo Network Guru Member

    Were you able to get it to work?
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