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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by eps0n, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. eps0n

    eps0n Network Guru Member

    I bought a WRT54G v2 in France which came with 2.02.7 firmware and am using it in France. I have asked Linksys support which is the latest firmware I can use and have received poor support and confusing answers. In the end, seemingly begrudgingly, they suggested 3.03.9 but if I follow the linksys.com/international firmware links it suggests 3.03.2.fr. Given that the router has no ADSL connectivity and I am using standard ethernet and wifi facilities I don't really understand why I can't use the latest 4.00.7 (for v2), indeed if I simply followed linksys.com and went to downloads it suggests this and makes no mention of differing firmwares for different countries.

    Linksys support suggest the "wrong" firmware will damage the device. Does anyone actually know the truth of the matter and which official firmware I can use?
  2. biner

    biner Network Guru Member

  3. Embo

    Embo Network Guru Member

    WRT54G Europe: firmware for hw v2.2 also for hw v2?

    What firmware is the latest for WRT54G v2 (European version)? On the Linksys download page for Norway, http://www1.linksys.com/international/firmware.asp?intfwid=75&coid=6, v2 is not listed, only v1, v1.1 and v2.2.

    Are you positive that the firmware for v2.2 also works on v2?

    I recently bought the WRT54G v2 router which came with firmware 2.02.7 of Feb. 27, 2004. I see that the latest official firmware for v2.2 is 3.03.9 of Apr 27, 2005 (I cannot find any for v2).

    Thanks for helping out a Linksys newbie :wink:
  4. eps0n

    eps0n Network Guru Member

    Hi Embo,

    I can see your confusion. In fact I am even more confused now, when I follow the international link for France there is no choice of version at all! but the firmware version offered is 3.03.2.fr. If I look at the US site (the main one) all versions (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.2 and 3.0) are all offered the same firmware version.

    In fact as far as I can see the other European countries are offered firmware for 1, 1.1 and 2.2 but not 2.0.

    Overall I am not impressed with the official Linksys support and this is another example.

    I am sorry I can't help you but I too am in a similar position, I'd be very interested in hearing what Linksys have to say to you about it, selling a version 2 but apparently not supplying firmware support.
  5. Embo

    Embo Network Guru Member

    Yeah, I couldn't agree more. It is a very confusing situation. At first glance it seems that I have a hw version that is not supported with firmware upgrades.

    I suspect that the v2.2 firmware is also usable on v2.0, but I don't dare to try until I am sure. I have sent an E-mail to Linksys in an effort to get an answer from them. I'll reply to this topic if/when I get a response.
  6. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

  7. eps0n

    eps0n Network Guru Member

    Hi Jagboy,

    I'll try that other link as well, thanks.
  8. Embo

    Embo Network Guru Member

    Thank you very much for the link to Linksys Live Assistance! It saved me a lot of time and frustration, I think. Anyway, I now have a solution to the problem, at least a temporary one:

    I chatted with two different people at Linksys support. One of them asked me if there were any letters in addition to the version number where it says "Model no." underneath the router. There weren't, so the Linksys representative said that I could use American firmware on my v2 router. She said that a senior tech had verified this.

    Unfortunately, I lost the connection, so I decided to ask again to be sure. I got in touch with a different Linksys representative. This time, believe it or not, I was told that i could NOT use American firmware, but that I could use the firmware for hardware version 2.2. I asked him if he was absolutely sure, and he was. So I tried the latter option, upgrading to firmware 3.03.9, found by using the v2.2 link on the download page mentioned in previous posts.

    The firmware upgrade was successful, and all is well so far, both WLAN and LAN functionality. :D

    If any of you are in the same situation as I was, and would like to try an American firmware version, you are welcome to do so... but you might want to ask Linksys a couple of times first, so that you have something to refer to if it cripples your router :wink:

    eps0n: Since France has special regulations with regard to output signal strength (wireless), there may be particular firmware versions that you have to use because of this, I don't know...
  9. eps0n

    eps0n Network Guru Member

    Hi Embo

    I sent you a private message with some info in
  10. eps0n

    eps0n Network Guru Member

    Hi Embo,

    Looks like our messages crossed. Thanks for your update, it's useful. However, it still doesn't show Linksys support in a very good light. One says you can and one says you can't, they make the damn things you'd think they'd know!
  11. Embo

    Embo Network Guru Member

    Eps0n: Yeah, their support is certainly not top grade. This said, I must point out that I have seen worse. At least I got an answer (well, two actually) fairly quickly, and one of the answers seems to work well. However, I might just have been lucky - who knows what would have happened had I tried an American firmware version (although this might work too).

    I told them to add some info for v2 owners on their European download pages, but I kind of doubt they will do that very soon...

    It is always kind of comforting to see that others have the same problem as you, and it is even more comforting when someone finds a viable solution to the problem. So good luck to you!

    (P.S. I have not received any private messages yet, but I guess it doesn't matter now)
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