WRT54G V2 with 32 MB

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by tect, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. tect

    tect Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    word goes round that newer V2 WRT's have 32 MB RAM onboard but you have to open the box to check the RAM chips.

    Untill now there is no possibility to check the RAM size via software because in all WRT54G firmwares the additional 16 MB are disabled for compatibility reasons.

    Has this changed meanwhile? And will it be possible to enable the additional memory in future firmware releases?

  2. viper54g

    viper54g Network Guru Member

    Indeed most WRT54G V2 will have 32MB of RAM, but will only use 16MB. Would be nice if someone could unlock the other 16MB...
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I just emailed Sveasoft on this subject.

    here was his quote...

  4. viper54g

    viper54g Network Guru Member

    The boot monitor (PMON) can be flashed using tftp (uploading pmon.bin). But it's kind of tricky, I'm not going to try it. :wink:
  5. eric982

    eric982 Network Guru Member

    Just opened three of my WRT54G routers, one has 32MB of ram and the other two have 16MB of ram. All use 6ns memory chips. One thing really surprise me is that two of the newer ones are using WRT54GS REV:XB boards. Both of the newer routers have a white sticker covering the board rev :twisted: looks like someone put it there intentionally to cover the fact that WRT54G and WRT54GS are the same hardware-wise :twisted:

    maybe just a firmware hack could turn my 32MB WRT54G to a WRT54GS
  6. tect

    tect Network Guru Member

    @ eric982:

    I thought that the GS's have more flash memory than the G's with 32 MB? So there's no way to make them use the same firmware, but you could use the extra memory for more programs and a larger ram disk.
  7. eric982

    eric982 Network Guru Member

    As far as I know, the firmware didn't occupy the whole flash. I can put the original linksys WRT54GS firmware in WRT54G and the router runs just fine. Since I don't have a pc-card with speedbooster, I can't tell if it makes a different, but I will get one soon to find out.
  8. MellowNZ

    MellowNZ Network Guru Member

    Ver-2.0 Has Fixed Antennas

    Hi Guys From Downunder....
    I ordered a new WRT54G Router the other day in anticipation of replacing
    my aging WAP11 ver-2.6 Accesspoint and trying out some of these excellent tweaks for the WRT54G router.It just arrived but to my horror
    the antennas are now fixed to the casing,without barfing the 3 year warrantee I can't use it for outdoors now... :(
    :roll: Ponders do I open it up or send it back to the shop and try and getting an older version from ebay or trademe....
    Are your EU/US models shipping with RP-TNC plugs still....
  9. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    my new WRT54G-eu/uk V2 is 3 days old and with detachable RP-TNC Connector :D
  10. jtoad

    jtoad Network Guru Member

    Did you slide the doohickeys?

    I know that when I first thought about antenna replacement on my WRT54G v1 I thought it was fixed to the case. Flip the antennas straight out, slide the collar out, and you'll see the TNC connector. I hope. I mean after all, why would they market the hi-gain antennas (HGA7T) at the same moment they make them useless, hey?

    woohoo, another forum! :p
  11. MellowNZ

    MellowNZ Network Guru Member

    Yeah thanks jtoad I decided to open it up ...which broke the seal :( and then noticed to get the back cover off something in the antenna area had to give.... which is when the plastic boots on the ants moved enough to see they were just a cheap slip on arrangement...... not even a metal locknut holds it on...
    So now the ants unscrewed and its back to how I expected the product to come...I'll know for next time... think I need another 2 at least...
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