WRT54G v3 Constant disconnects/wireless level fluctuations

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jmatero, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. jmatero

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    Hi, I have the WRT54G v3 with the current firmware from Linksys. I have it connected to a Cable Modem from Optimum Online and have 3 Macs connected Wirelessly (all G). The wireless level indicator on all three systems goes up and down from full bars to sometimes just 1 (and occasionally NONE... at which point you're disconnected). Oddly enough, many times, it's just one out of the three that has this problem (but it happens to all three). I'll be there with another ibook.. right next to me.. and it has full bars and i can't connect or have 1 bar.... and sometimes, Mine is fine and the OTHER isn't. I have 128bit wep, mac address access control, not broadcasting ssid. I live in a condo but I don't have a microwave or 2.4ghz phone to cause the problems. It does seem to be worse at night. I used a sniffer and most of the other wireless networks in my area are on channel 11 and 6 so I tried everything and 4 seems the best (but that's not saying much). Any ideas? i'm really frustrated.
  2. mamorelsr

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    Simplify and change channel

    I'd suggest you simplify (temporarily) to see if any of the features are causing intermittent operation. Go to the defaults on everything and then build back to your current config.

    I'd strongly urge you to get off Ch. 4 as it will cause sideband interference with the Ch. 6 users and vise versa. You are best served with 5 channels of separation. Anything less will increase noise in adjacent channels. Just as part of the exercise, go to Ch. 6 and see if there is any stability.

    Good luck.
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