WRT54G V3 Firmware supporting BOTH WPA2 and Static DHCP?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Smyttie, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Smyttie

    Smyttie Network Guru Member


    I'm new to the whole wireless world and to the WRT54G router specifically. I've searched these forums and the web for the answer to this, but haven't found one yet, so here's my question.

    Is there any official or 3rd party firmware for the WRT54G v.3 router that provide both WPA2 and Static DHCP? The latest official firmware supports WPA2 but not Static DHCP, and I've tried DD-WRT v22 pre5, which provides static DHCP but not WPA2. I've tried to figure out what Alchemy supports, and it looks like it is the same as DD-WRT right now.

    It looks like once v23 of DD-WRT is released that I'll get what I want, but it would be nice to know what other options there are.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. A-ONE

    A-ONE Network Guru Member

    Smyttie have u ever tried setting your ip address yourself, so thats its the same thing all the time. Ive manually configured my desktop to keep .101 and it works fine. i get internet fuctionality and all. Im using hyperWRT 2.1b1. and no it doest officially have static dhcp.
  3. Smyttie

    Smyttie Network Guru Member

    That's how I'm running now, but not my preferred method. Plus, this means I have to have an alternate configuration for my notebook for both the ethernet adapter and the wireless adapter, and wait for the timeout before being able to use the network. And if I ever need to connect to another network that does not use DHCP...

    Or I could use DHCP, lookup the IP address it is assigned and edit the routers port forward table with the new address every time I want to use SSH tunnelling. BLEH!

    No, I would like BOTH features if I can get them.
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