WRT54G(v4) + P2P app = Timeouts? Even with router config?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by qwertybot, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I just received my WRT54G router yesterday and have been trying to get things up and running as quickly as possible. I managed, with help from the DSLreports forums, to get the latest DD-WRT standard firmware loaded. However, I've encountered a problem that seems independent of firmware (does the same thing with default Linksys firmware, too).

    Whenever I start ANY p2p app (Azureus Bit Torrent or Emule), after a few minutes, I can't access ANY webpage without getting timeout errors.

    I can't even access the router's config page from a standard web browser.

    My new WRT54G is replacing an old Netgear B router. This router NEVER gave me any such problems. I just checked, and the max COMBINED download speed for both progs was just 20k, and the combined upload was less than 5k. I have a Sprint/Earthlink 1.5mb/512k ADSL line. A few days ago, I had a combined dl speed of over 100k, and a combined upload of around 25k, and my web browsing wasn't slowed down at all with my trusty Netgear router.

    I have DD-WRT loaded, with the two desktop computers given static IPs by the router (as and .3), auto MTU is off and I set it manually to 1492. Port range forwarding is turned on. The routers Firewall is off too (I even turned off my ZoneAlarm Pro firewall...even though, as I've said, that was running before with the Netgear and I never had the slightest problem--the ONLY thing I've changed was remove the Netgear and install the Linksys).

    However, I've just noticed it doesn't even need to be both P2P apps. I just had Bit Torrent running a measly 10k down/1.4k up and I couldn't even access the router's config page! Kept timing out.

    WTF is going on? I know I'm not the only one with a WRT54G using p2p apps. Someone has to have found this before, and I'm sure there is a simple, "Oh, you forgot to do this" fix. Please tell me what it is, I'm going out of my mind here.

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    To the person who answers this post....

    I'm in the same boat as you. Here's what I have done to diagnose the problem (with no success).

    With the modem plugged directly into this machine:
    - I go to a speed-testing website and figure out what my maximum up/down speeds are. I take 75% of this figure to use as my "standard". Because I don't want to setup Azureus to use my entire bandwidth.
    - I went to this site: http://azureus.aelitis.com/wiki/index.php/Good_settings and detemined what were the best settings to use for my Azureus client.
    - When downloading off the router I get about the speeds I set in the client, that is, 75% the max that my connection can give me. No surprises here, I set it that way.

    Now I hook up my WRT54G router. The router's DHCP range is set from so I set my computers IP address to a static (with gateway and DNS to I open up port 55650 in the router and set my torrent client to use this port. I make sure to disable QoS in my program. Now I fire up the internet to make sure everything is good. Nice smooth web browsing and downloading with FTP, web, etc (at practically my full connection speed).

    Now for the fun part. I fire up Azureus, add a few torrents. It starts downloading. The port 55650 that I set seems to be good because Azureus lets me know that there is no NAT error. Speeds are in the <5 kilobytes per second range (sum up to about 15 kilobytes per second combined).

    After a few hours I start noticing that my ENTIRE network starts slowing down. I get connection timeouts, slow speeds... general UGH THIS IS ANNOYING. The only way I can bring the network back is by shutting off Azureus waiting about 10 MINUTES! or by going to my router and unplugging it from the power.

    Basically I get poor torrent speeds and my network screws up. I'm using the WRT54G with official Linksys Firmware Version v4.20.7

    I don't know. This is really annoying. I think that maybe this router can't handle the number of connections coming in to my torrent client. I think the router is acting almost as if it is being packeted.

    Anyone got this working or have the same problem I'd appreciate some help as well.

  3. mrbond82

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    I tried using the DD-WRT firmware. I have to admit my download speeds are a little bit better. But I left my machine on overnight to leech torrents and this morning my http access was toast just like it was on the official firmware.

    I'm beginning to think there's a hardware bug in this router. Anyway, at least wit the DD-WRT firmware I can eventually telnet into my router, log in, and type 'reboot' and fortunately it gets me going.

    But now the real $1,000,000 question... why the hell does this keep happening?
  4. Manda

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    I'm having the same or a very similar problem. At first we had to reset the router every few days, then it was weeks, and now it's every day at least (without changing the settings on the router).

    Our internet just slows down until it grinds to a halt. IRC will still work but webpages get time-outs and torrents slow down until they stop.

    It is extremely frustrating, especially when you leave a torrent downloading and come home to find that not only did it stop, but that you have to restart the router before you can do anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. mrbond82

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  6. Bier2000

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    Hi Everybody,

    Just wantedto let you guys know, that the work around suggested by Mrbond works excellent! I had serious issues with slow downs and even crashes on my WRT54G 3.1 and the original firmware, Azureus ran at 1-2kb all the time.

    Now after applying the work around it runs with 100k at the limit and surfing is still possible. When Azureus is switched off surfing is actually performing much better than it had ever before.


    Thank you so much for your excellent tutorial. You made my day :thumb:

    BTW: For V3.1 the firmware works with the recent releases only (Nov. 15 works fine).

    Good luck,

  7. mrbond82

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    Just a quick question- I forgot to mention it in the guide, but did you disable firewall or any of these settings:

    Block Anonymous Internet Requests
    Filter Multicast
    Filter Internet NAT Redirection
    Filter IDENT (Port 113)

    I just updated the guide adding in a line to disable firewall because it was what I had done as part of getting my speeds up. Can you let me know what your firewall settings are? Is it enabled/disabled and are any of the above options turned on?

    Let me know and I'll update the guide again.

    Happy downloading!
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