WRT54G V5.0 Browsing issue

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Steve711, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Steve711

    Steve711 LI Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G setup connecting 2 PCs via ethernet cable and a broadband modem (Blueyonder).
    Both PCs are fine as far as email and connecting to each other and 99% of internet pages is concerned.

    There is a web page I can't get to that I have created but everyone else that tries can.

    One is a www.mypage.co.uk that I can access fine, the other, www.mypage.net that has forwarding to the .co.uk page that I cannot get to on ethier of my PCs (XP & W2K server) with any browser I try.

    I have been in contact with the domain name registrar who the forwaring is set up with and the web host and neither can see a problem.

    This has only happened since installing my router. I have tried upgrading the firmware, rebooting everything, 'ipconfig /flushdns', 'route clear' all to no avail.

    Please can someone help.
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