WRT54G v5 & 2Wire 1070 can't work together?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by rbcorona, Jun 7, 2006.

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    I'm building a wireless LAN at the condo I live, for which I bought a WRT54G v5 and an outdoor 13db antenna replacing one of the router's, and leaving the remaining one plugged. I asked my ISP in Mexico to provide not a 2Wire wireless router, but a DSL modem. It turned out the 2Wire 1070 they gave me was also a router.

    I've tried the following (following other forums' suggestions):

    1. I changed WRT's IP to instead of and both routers didn't conflict with eachother. The 2Wire's IP is But I think both were competing to assign IPs because clients lost connections repeatedly.

    2. I disabled DHCP on the WRT. It worked intermitently. My laptop would connect again only if I moved it to the room where the router is, and would disconnect after going downstairs. Win XP told me the signal strength was either good or very good, but the IP got lost.

    3. I configured the 1070 as a modem bridge. This was the hardest option to get working, but I finally got to connect clients using the WRT as a router. However, I keep loosing connection. Win XP reports my laptop is connected, the signal strength is good, I have a good IP, but can't see any web pages. I have to either go to the router's room, or else unplug & plug it back to reach the Internet.

    I replaced the WRT with an access point I borrowed from work, and everything works smoothly.

    I'm desperate :cry: , as no configuration seems to work. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I wouldn't want to throw my WRP away!
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