WRT54G V5 and original airport card

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fortuosity, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. fortuosity

    fortuosity LI Guru Member

    Ok , just updated a mac powerbook pismo g3 with an airport card , updated airport software to 3.1.1 comp running osx 10.2.8 . comp sees the WRT54G , I updated the firmware to version 1.01.1 but will not connect . The comp will connect to the linksys in the house 300 feet + away as well as every other unprotected network driving through town but not this one at home . wifes powerbook G4 titanium running osx 10.3 will connect with no problem .when trying to connect it returns with There was an error joining the selected airport network .

    The same thing appears when entering the correct or incorrect password . Will not connect with or without WEP turned on .

    Is there anyone who can guide me through whatneeds to be done to get my powerbook online with it . Will connect with ethernet wire but not wireless.

    Oh , also a palm lifedrive will not attach to this either so any help with that would be appreciated also .

    Thank you
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