WRT54G v5 intermittently dropping wired connections

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by vegasguy, May 8, 2006.

  1. vegasguy

    vegasguy Guest

    I am supporting a small office that has a cable modem, WRT54G v5 with latest firmware, Dell 16 port switch, and 8 Windows 2000 SP4
    clients. The router intermittently drops the wired connections anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours, but the wireless connections are preserved to two laptops.

    When I ping the router's IP address,, from any of the PC's, I get timeouts. Power cycling the router brings the wired connections back.

    I have tried another router but no change. this is really driving me crazy. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  2. johngdk

    johngdk Guest

    Thanks god! There ARE someone who have the same problem as me :cheering:

    I don't what to to - but I have this problem also. My router is WRT54GC. I think I have tryed everything...

    Anyone? Please!
  3. cfelbab

    cfelbab Network Guru Member

    I've had this problem ever since I bought the new Linksys v5 router. The product is a real loser. I've upgraded the firmware and am still waiting for a version of the firmware that actually works. I find myself unplugging the router multiple times a week to reset it and get it working.

    I have no idea what is wrong and have just about given up on it ever working.

    I have a few Airport Expresses on my network for streaming iTunes and I sometimes wonder if that is the issue. Probably should just be the apple Airport router and stop messing around with inferior products.
  4. dbcch

    dbcch LI Guru Member


    When I bought my first WRT54G, I ended up with a v5. I had a similar experience with it, but it correlated /w high loads so may or may not be the same issue as you.

    I built a simple unbuffered JTAG cable and slapped DD-WRT micro on there. Since then the v5 router has been surprisingly solid. I've found it to be 100% stable and performing excellently under all reasonable loads.

    The unbuffered JTAG cable was extremely simple to contstruct, even for an electronics novice like myself. It can be made in about 10 minutes by even someone who has never soldered before. Since the cable is essentially a straight pass-through with 4 resistors, the hardest part is soldering the pin headers onto the PCB, or soldering the wires directly to the PCB (what my lazy ass did).

    If you want to save your v5, this is what I recommend.
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