WRT54G v5 no internet while talking on my vonage phone

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Lutheran, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Lutheran

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    WRT54G v5 no internet when talking on Vonage phone

    Anyway I just bought this router and I use my old RT31P2 vonage linksys router as a switch now..so my setup is Cable modem - WRT54G - COMPUTER LAN , I am not using any wireless devices at all , my router is wired to my pcs lan and I have a wire going from the old RT31P2 wan port into one of the 4 wired lan inputs on the WRT54G. When I talk on the phone I lose all internet access..when I hang up all is fine..I just updated the WRT54G to the newest firmware. I do use a cordless 2.4 GHZ phone but like I said the router is not using any wireless connections at all. I even went into the basic wireless settings and diabled wireless network mode to be sure and it still didnt work. Any ideas?

    More information below

    URL: »myspeed.visualware.com/voip/index.html
    When: Thu Dec 22 09:45:53 EST 2005
    Download: 12,199,200 bps
    Upload: 1,905,504 bps
    QOS: 90%
    RTT: 23 ms
    MaxPause: 65 ms
    Test #: 1111793

    I dont have QOS setup , its set to disabled but the greyed out part says Auto I also have no ports fowarded. I am also using the latest firmware on my WRT54G.
  2. Lutheran

    Lutheran Network Guru Member

    Problem solved , I ditched the v5 for a different router..all is well now.
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