WRT54G v5 Possible bug found...maybe??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by venturousviking, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. venturousviking

    venturousviking Network Guru Member

    Ok..first...if there is a simple solution to this problem then forgive...I am new to router configs. I did try searching but could not find the answer I am looking for. The problem I am having involves the word "capture" that I seem to be finding in alot of my router settings menus. When i go into the router through my browser this is where I see the word "Capture":

    Setup/time zone : Capture(tz.centusa)
    Setup/opertating mode : Capture(share.gateway)

    Wireless/network mode : Capture(wlansetup.gonly)
    Wireless/security mode : Capture(wlansec.wpapersharekey)

    Its also in the access restrictions under blocked services.. I hope this makes sense. The above lists are my settings. If I use the pulldown menu the capture word is still there on all the available settings. Any ideas? If I need to explain further just let me know. My netorks consists of two wired comps running XP and 98SE and a wireless notebook running XP. I connect through a cable modem. I called Linksys tech support but they kept telling me it was my computers causing it not the router. I could barely understand her anyway. I upgraded my firmware from 1.00.4 to 1.00.6 to see if it would help and it did not.


  2. venturousviking

    venturousviking Network Guru Member

    Ok...I noticed that on my win98 machine I can enter the router setup and it is normal... Nothing unusual... So I've come to the conclusion that this may have something to do with my network settings in XP or possibly a Via Rhine Ethernet driver I recently installed... Slowly working to fix the problem... :thumbup:

  3. venturousviking

    venturousviking Network Guru Member

    Ok...I just figured it out...If anyone else notices this here is why....Its my Opera browser. I don't know why buy Opera is the only browser that shows what I listed in the first post. All the other browsers display the information normally... :cheer:

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