wrt54g v5 setup on xp problems

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by bob56, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. bob56

    bob56 Network Guru Member


    I am running xp, updated from win 98 recently. It is 5 years old, with amd chip, 8oo mhz, 128 ram. Dsl works fine but I can only get on net when router is not connected. During the router setup, it stops on the last step and can not make connection with the net. The router lights indicate power is on, ethernet connected, wlan operating, and internet on.

    Any ideas? I'm at a dead end. thanks
  2. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    that version "sucks" the linksys firmware is horrible. you must update it or return the router and get a non v5. this is your only hope
  3. gaogi

    gaogi Network Guru Member

    Before you return that router, make sure you have set up the router correctly.

    Sounds like it's a configuration issue rather than a router issue.

    Make sure the cables are connected correctly.

    When you have a router, you no longer need to log in using the DSL utility that came with your service, the router will log in for you.

    Also, make sure your user name and password are entered correctly.
  4. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    are you using the cd setup walkthrough?
  5. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    that router has problems out of the box its a v5 and is not very configurable at all
  6. bob56

    bob56 Network Guru Member

    I am linked to the v5 router and to the internet. My daughter's mac laptop is also connected.
    I was guided to the setup wizard but needed to read the guide material first. It is necessary to get an update from Linksys, which is easy enough once you recognize the need. I also needed to contact my ISP for info. My last obstacle was to realize that there are several choices under the encryption "wep". Once I stumbled onto that detail, the mac's wireless adapter(airport) made contact with the router.
    I took notes so it will be easier to connect another laptop later.

    This mess might be understandable in the early days of home computers but it's rediculous at this point. If this was made plain in the advertising I would at least had some idea what I was getting into. It did provide a sense of acomplishment and I learned a lot more than I wanted to.
  7. tropicalbird

    tropicalbird Guest

    Hi bob56,

    I had the same problem too with my WRT54GL. The setup warns me that "the router isnt able to connect to the internet, try to turn off and on the dsl router".

    After days of searching, I found my answer. The dsl "modem" Im using is actually a router. These days ISP's have multifunctional "modems" with additional ethernet ports, phone line ports etc. That makes these modems ROUTERS!

    So, that means u got 2 routers on your network and that is confuses the computer or the whole network. To fix this, you have to setup your WRT54g as an access point. First access the WRT54G settings by typing:, When your there here are the following steps assuming your settings are on default

    1. Disable the DHCP server
    2. Goto advanced routing and set the operating mode to "router"
    3. Change the "router ip" to or an ip that doesnt clash with your other router.
    4. save your settings.

    After that you should be able to access the internet and access both of your routers :thumbup: .,

    By the way I found this info on http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15359598

    I even e-mailed this to linksys and here is what I got:

    Dear Valued Linksys Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Linksys Technical Support.

    We appreciate your time in giving us feedback. However, with the router set as an access point, it wouldn't be able to share Internet access to other computers. You can only access the Internet at a time. To share broadband Internet, your modem must be wired directly into the Internet port of the router. Only your computer/s would be wired directly to any of the LAN (1-4) ports of the router.

    If you do not have Internet access through the router, it could be that the router is not properly configured for your broadband connection. You would have to reconfigure the router according to your Internet Service Provider's settings.

    If I may ask, who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? What operating system do you have on your computer? You may refer to these instructions below on how to setup the router for broadband connection:

    For Cable broadband:
    1. Open the Internet Explorer browser.
    2. On the address bar, type and press Enter.
    3. When prompted with a logon screen, just leave the username blank and type “admin†on the password and press Enter.
    4. Under the Setup tab, click the sub-tab MAC address Clone. Set it to "enable" and click "Clone Your PC's MAC" and save the settings.
    5. Go to the Status tab and check the Internet IP address. If the IP address is all zeros, try to do a power cycle.

    How to do a power cycle:
    1. Turn off all the devices (computer first, then the router and lastly the modem).
    2. Wait for a minute.
    3. Turn on the devices in reverse order. Wait for the lights to be stable on each device before turning on the succeeding devices.

    When your computer has restarted, try to access the Internet.

    For DSL broadband:
    1. Open the Internet Explorer browser.
    2. On the address bar, type and press Enter.
    3. When prompted with a logon screen, just leave the username blank and type “admin†on the password and press Enter.
    4. Under the Set up tab, set the Internet Connection type to “PPPoEâ€.
    5. Input your broadband’s username and password.
    6. Select “Keep Alive†option and save the settings.
    7. Go to the Status tab and click the “Connect†button.

    When the status shows “connectedâ€, try to access the Internet.
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