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Discussion in 'TinyPEAP Firmware' started by StackGuard, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. StackGuard

    StackGuard Guest

    Hi there,

    I know that the v5 version of WRT54G doesn't run Linux, and it's not possible (for now) to install a diferent firmware altering the OS on the Router.

    But tinyPEAP is just an add-on right?

    Is it possible to install it?

    WRT54G doesn't have TFTP server so I can try... can anyone help me?

  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    No. Please read the other existing 5,000 threads about this before starting a new one. Thanks!
  3. cabbyman

    cabbyman LI Guru Member


    i’m new to this forum and to these sorts of things in general. i’m sorry to reintroduce this subject as it may have been beaten to the ground already… but i’ve tried searching this and other forums and google, but i can’t find information that’s clear to me.

    my router is a WRT54G version 5. i’ve seen how, after going back and forth, i can end up running DD-WRT MICRO as my firmware. once all that is done, is it THEN possible and practical to flash a firmware with tinyPEAP? If it is possible, is there any specific tinyPEAP Firmware that i should use?

    i’m sorry if these seem like dumb questions, but i’ve reading around for hours now and I’m just not getting it.

    i would appreciate any advice on this.

    thank you very much.
  4. kiwiruss

    kiwiruss Network Guru Member

    check out dd-wrts news page. i think he now has the goods to flash away all the vxworks crap so it should en up like a standard linux running wrt, apart rfrom having low memmory
  5. cabbyman

    cabbyman LI Guru Member

    thanks kiwiruss.

    i'm guessing maybe the small amount of memory is what doesn't allow it to work.

    i poked around some more and everything i find regarding tinyPEAP and version 5 says no good and not happening, so i'm throwing in the towel...
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if you really want tiny peap then your best bet is to ditch the v5 for a v4.0 or lower or go for a WRT54GL version.
  7. cabbyman

    cabbyman LI Guru Member

    thanks toxic.

    neh, i've had enough. got other stuff to get to and i'm reasonably comfortable with wpa2 personal and done with it.

    but it seemed so cool of an idea to me! frankly i'm surprised it was let to fade away...
  8. Buglife

    Buglife Guest

  9. p3st4

    p3st4 LI Guru Member

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