WRT54G V6 No-Known Problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ECHOCIPHER, Jun 8, 2007.


    ECHOCIPHER LI Guru Member

    Hi to everybody out,

    I dont want that you had a :mad: with that, but i'm sure that there is no nothing that can help me with that strange problem that i had.

    I had a gifted router WRT54G v6, "gifted" cause a friend cant fix it and he preffer to gave it tome that trash it.

    I know that he made a firmware modification, but i dont know what firmware he use for that, i just know the actual diagnostic of the router.

    1-Cant access to it, cause ever in the pc showns the network interface as not connected.
    2-I tried to change the prot and dont work.

    I'm looking for a nice while in the forums but i dont see anybody with that problem too, the router had:

    1-The known power light is Blinking for just 5-10seconds thens on permanently
    2-The DMZ led off.
    3-The WLAN led on and blinking.
    4-The 1,2,4 leds on
    5-The 3 ethernet led off.

    I dont being able to identify what happened with that, i want to Revival my new router but icant find a really well case as like mine.

    If anybody can help me or just guide me

    i had a lot of thx.


    ECHOCIPHER LI Guru Member


    I've already fixed today
  3. jpatel

    jpatel Guest

    ECHOCIPHER, how did you fix this? I am having the same issue with my wrt54g v6.

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