WRT54G V6 problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dexbr, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. dexbr

    dexbr LI Guru Member

    I'm using a WRT54G V6 to share my cable internet conection, it works just fine, but there's something happening from time to time (sometimes it takes longes to happen and sometimes it happens lots of times in a row): the WLAN light in the router turns off and, of course, I get disconnected, I just need to unplug and plug it on the power to return to it's normal state.

    Whats causing that and what can I do to solve this?
  2. cgi101

    cgi101 LI Guru Member

    I have this exact same problem... Everything will be working smoothly on my WRT54GS v6.0 and then suddenly everyone in my house using wlan loses their connection. Then windows/osx can no longer 'see' the SSID of my network. I go check my router, and all lights will be on as per normal (including the wired connection to my desktop, which still works), but the wlan light will be off. I have to unplug the power and plug it back in, and then everything is back to normal. It is verrrrrrry irritating!

    Anyone else have this problem?
  3. traver

    traver Guest

    My wrt54g v5 locks up too

    I am one among many that have this problem. Internet goes down, can't read the wrt54g v5 admin pages. Power cycle gets it going again. My previous linksys worked great (until a lightening hit). This one sucks!
  4. jnzombie

    jnzombie Guest

    If you guys are uting the "Telstra Cable" connection, this may no longer be workign properly, due to the upcomming decomissioning of the heartbeat servers. I am trying to confirm this.
  5. cgi101

    cgi101 LI Guru Member

    I am not using a "Telstra Cable" connection. I am using a Motorola Surfboard cable modem with my local cable company's internet (Eastlink, Canada).
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