WRT54G V6 Router Disconnect Every once in a while For 2-3 Secs

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Seraphesy, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Seraphesy

    Seraphesy LI Guru Member


    I'm having this wierd problem with WRT54G V6.

    Every once in a while (2-3 hours?), the CISCO (wireless network auto configure button) changes color, blinks for 2-3 secs.

    When this happens, ALL connections are reset, including wired connections.

    This is annoying since I get disconnected from my games (War3).

    First of all, why is it doing this? and Is there any way to disable this feature? (or solve?)

    Thanks in advance
  2. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd LI Guru Member

    What type of connection to your ISP do you have and how old is your modem?

    I was having a problem with random disconnects and the router would not reconnect. Basically my WRT54GL was not getting an IP address from the ISP, but it was getting the DNS entries.

    According to a tech at my ISP the margins on the DSL line were low, 9% on the download and they say that the minimum is 10% for a stable connection. The tech suggested to try another modem because my Effiecient Networks Speedstream 5260 ADSL modem was 6 years old.
    As soon as I replaced the modem the margins went up to around 16% and the router connected right up.
  3. Seraphesy

    Seraphesy LI Guru Member

    I'm on Cable and my modem is maybe 6 years old.

    I had no problem with it with the wired router that I was using before...
  4. rakeshjmd

    rakeshjmd LI Guru Member

    try to upgrade firmware, reset & reconfigure
  5. rbarry1068

    rbarry1068 LI Guru Member

    Welcome to the world of Linksys@@#$. You have just joined several thousand other dis-satisfied WRT54G owners. The Firmware for the WRT54G V5 &6 is buggy, and this is "normal" operation. Your only hope of fixing this problem is to load some third party firmware from a non Linksys site.
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