WRT54G V6(SN: CDFD) - GUI problems pls help

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ProjectMontauk, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Running XP Pro, no problem accessing the router GUI. It's the GUI that's the problem. When entering the router menu, I can't see any tabs, or options, other than the main screen with the DHCP dropdown, the router name, blank fields under it, some static DNS boxes, and the save/cancel buttons.

    Firmware is v1.00.7

    I contacted Linksys chate and they dircted me to upgrade firmware followed by a hard reboot. Problem is, I have the cat5 runningfromthe computer to port 1 in the router, run tftp.exe, select the firmware BIN file and try to run it - but it never succeeds as it sits there trying to flash the router. Any suggestions before I run back to Linksys? Really weird the GUI won't display correctly. I need to do some port forwarding, change security settings, among other things.

    All suggestions appreciated. I'm running a late model HP Pavilion desktop replacement laptop. My previous Netgear router had zero problems updating firmware or with the GUI.

    Firmware: v1.00.7
  2. Mom23

    Mom23 Guest

    I am having same problem with v5 router.

    I have a new WRT54G v5 router. I have installed the latest firmware (1.00.9), but I still can't see any of the labels or access any features of the administration screen.
    I can get to the page, but I did notice that there is one of those yellow triangles in the bottom left corner of the page. When I click on it it says that there are "Errors on page".
    How can I fix these errors so that I can use the admin features?

    I am running WinXP pro, using Firefox (although I have tried IE with no success there either), also I have AVG, spybot, ZoneAlarm suite and Lavasoft Ad-Aware running.

    Any help on this would be appreciated.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    reset the router and clean out your web browser's tempory internet files/cache.
  4. Mediamon

    Mediamon Network Guru Member

    Bet you are using Zone Alarm? If so see sticky on top of this board.
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