WRT54G v7 and PlayStation3... once again

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Alphard, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Alphard

    Alphard Guest

    Sorry, I know this subject has been posted thousands of times, but... I've tried everything on the Internet and I don't know what else to do.
    I own a WRT54G v7 connected to a modem/router Zyxel Prestige 643 (yes, I know... an ancient router but still working :wink:) which is the gateway to Internet. Two PCs connected via LAN to the Zyxel. WRT54G is actually working as an Access Point for two laptops and a PlayStation3. Wireless connection is working fine for both laptops, but not for PS3! Sometimes PS3 gets connected and some other times (most) it doesn't. Connected via cable, of course it works, but connected via Wifi PS3 has this strange behavior: most of the times doesn't get connected and front time to time it does.

    When wireless connection between WRT54G and my PS3 fails, I've noticed that PS3 detects linksys signal (usually between 75% and 90%) and starts negotiating, and exchanging security key but then never obtains an IP from WRT54G DHCP server. If I set PS3's ip manually ignoring DHCP server then it should work, at least inside my LAN... but it doesn't! It seems like PS3 and WRT54G are detecting each other in "radio/frequence" terms but nothing else, and of course no TCP/IP understanding between them...

    I've tried all the stuff I found on the internet (disable Upnp, disable media server from PS3, upgrading WRT54G firmware, etc.) but no result at all. As I own a WRT54G V7 I can't use any other firmware rather than Official Linksys software because they aren't supported... I upgraded to firmware 7.00.4 but no better behavior with this problem on PS3. By the way, I've also tried removing all security rules and options from WRT54G just in case... with no different results.

    Anyone knows what exactly needs a PS3 to be connected via wifi?? Why my laptops have no problem at all with WRT54G and on the other hand my PS3 seems to be on strike when connected via wireless ?:confused:
    Anyone has a wireless connected PS3 with WRT54G v7 ?? There's a lot of people saying they fixed up the problem with things like Upnp, DMZ option, and so on, but I guess all this doesn't work for a V7 linksys router...
    Any idea?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Mizzou_RobMan

    Mizzou_RobMan Addicted to LI Member

    Did you find a resolution? I was having intermittent issues with my PS3 and wifi. In fact I think it might have caused my PS3 to corrupt the hard drive. I'm looking to replace my WRT54G with a WRT310N or WRT110N. I bought a WRT350N, but I didn't get the performance I was hoping for.
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