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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sarumane, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. sarumane

    sarumane LI Guru Member


    I am new to all this and was inspired to buy the 54G due to being able to boost its range from 3rd party software. I got home to find out that it's a v7. Does this mean that I will never be able to flash it with 3rd party stuff? I wish I had known and I'd have saved a bit more for the open source router. Am stuck with it?


  2. sarumane

    sarumane LI Guru Member

    Me again!

    If I am stuck with it is there anything I can do to boost my signal strength that isn't costly. Laptop always gets excellent and 54Mbps in house. Desktop is in bedroom through the wall from router and always 54 - 18Mbps but signal strength is nearly always low - occasionally excellent but for no apparent reason.

    Would be grateful if anyone could advice me how to remedy my possibly poor purchase choice from not knowing any better!

    Thanks again

  3. sonarman

    sonarman Network Guru Member

    Currently, there is no thirdparty firmware for the V7 because it uses a completely different chip set. The best option other than taking it back is to go over to freeantennas.com and build a reflector, or purchase some high gain antennas.
  4. sarumane

    sarumane LI Guru Member

    Thanks will check out reflector idea
  5. v7? Where?

    Where did you purchase your v7?

    I'm interested as I understand that the wireless chipset is atheros based.
  6. sarumane

    sarumane LI Guru Member

    I got it from PC world. Its £80 in store but £37 if you 'buy' it online and pay and collect in store. They price match amazon online.
  7. kiskakas

    kiskakas Network Guru Member

    my friend has a v7 too, he bought it last week in Hungary..
    can i find any info about this version? i mean hardware, OS, changes?
  8. kiskakas

    kiskakas Network Guru Member

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