WRT54G v7 Slow Wifi speeds? (only around 10MBit)

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Seven_PRX, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Seven_PRX

    Seven_PRX Network Guru Member


    Since some time I have the WRT54G v7 at home.

    It functions fine for me, at least using a normal LAN cable.

    When I use WIFI, it does work, except for 1 big problem:

    I can't seem to get more than 1000KB/s when using Wifi.

    I have tried all channels, setting to G-only, toyed around with my LAN settings on the NIC, etc.

    It simply wont go above 1000KB/s.

    This is a problem for me, as my internet connection is 20MBit.
    So, now instead of being able to use my full 2000-2500KB/s, I am stuck with only 1000KB/s.

    Which is bad, cause I bought the router for the wireless functionality; but this way, I can only use half my bandwith.

    I just got a new beta-firmware today:

    Last Firmware Version: 7.00.3 (BETA FIRMWARE)

    Which supposedly fixes this:

    "- Resolves wireless data rate performance issues."

    Anyway, after installing this firmware, nothing changed.

    Does somebody have the same problem?
    Or can anybody tell me if they can get more than 1000KB/s/10MBit with the v7?

    Ie: when you use Wifi to download something from the internet, you cannot get above 1000KB/s?


  2. Seven_PRX

    Seven_PRX Network Guru Member

    Got a new laptop, with different wifi nic, Intel 3945ABG, and exactly the same problem arises: still no speeds of 1000KB/s|10MBit when using my wireless to download things from the internet. So it is most definately a problem with the router.

    Nobody can tell me if they can reach speeds above 1000KB/s with the v7 router when using wifi to download something from the internet?

    Cause I'm curious if it is just a problem with mine, or a general problem with the router.

    Or, if u have another version of the router, do you reach speeds over 1000KB/s when using wifi to download something from the internet?


  3. pceric

    pceric Guest

    Honestly it sounds about right to me for most wireless systems. The theoretical max for 802.11g is 54Mb or 6.75MB. However wireless has a bunch of overhead and encryption adds even more so most people only see around 10-20Mb or 1.25-2.5MB from 802.11g.

    Also while your ISP may say 1.5,10,20,100, etc Mb connection that is also a theoretical max. Actual is always much less and even if it could, 90% of the sites on the internet won't support much more then about 600-800 KB. We have multiple OC-48 connections at work connected to a major internet backbone and I rarely see over 800KB on most transfers.
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