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  1. hitechjanitor

    hitechjanitor LI Guru Member

    I have a MacCraigor USB Wiggler and have established some Ltd. JTAG connection to my WRT54G v8. Previous articles make reference to JTAG interface on J1 and UART on J2. On this router J2 is a 12pin hdr and J1 is five pins..... I went with J2 being the JTAG header.
    I have
    USB Wiggler J2 Header
    TRST 1 1
    TDI 3 3
    TDO 5 5
    GND 6 6
    TMS 7 7
    TCK 9 9
    SRST 11 11
    DINT ?? ??
    Vcc (3.3v) 14 J1 hdr Pin 1

    The question I have is where does DINT go since not having that
    appears to be stopping me from entering debug mode. Does anyone
    have any suggestions as to what pin/pins I need to configure for
    this signal to work?
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