wrt54g ver 1.1 throughput less than airport express

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by helob, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. helob

    helob Network Guru Member

    I consistently got around 2 MB file transfer on the Linksys 1.1(ver 23) but get 3-3.5 on the AE. Over 1MB more. I assume that the AE is outputting close to an effective maximum for 54mbit(30mbit). This was all done on my internal network, no internet. All G only enabled. Side by side comparisons.

    I ended up using my AE as the main access point and left it wired into the wrt(internet connected). The wrt will serve dhcp, route and firewall. I also have 2 other wds attached AE but throughput gets halved each time I attach further upstream. AE range is crap but better connection and reliability.

    Is the Linksys slowness due to an older chipset/version/cpu? Any tweaks to bump up throughput?

    I am trying to vob movies over wireless and can only do so up to 20 feet away from both products. The linksys is a lot more prone to fluctuating the throughput and freezing video frames than is the AE.

    I also notice that both products drop down to only a few hundred k throughput at random intervals when handling video streams, causing freezes. File transfers are fine.
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