WRT54g ver 2 - game sharing problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by daveglw, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. daveglw

    daveglw Guest

    setup - 2 main wired pc's - 2 wireless laptops. 9wired for testing this problem only)

    when 1 pc logs onto gaming, the 2nd pc cannot acces the internet at all, web pages hang, the instant the game stops normal access is returned.

    whichever pc plays games first the other has the problem

    laptops, either using wirelss or wired conncetion - both laptops work perfectly when a main pc is gaming.


    Pc 1 - game playing
    Pc 2 - no internet or network access
    laptop 1 - fine
    laptop 2 - fine

    attempted solutions -

    assigning static ip addresses
    port forwarding and triggering
    Changing mtu to manual -1450 and 1200
    cloning mac address

    the problem is machine specific between the 2 main pc's - and does not affect anything else

    Hardware both pc's are identiacl other than graphics cards
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