WRT54G Version 3 Update and Question

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by windsurfer, Apr 8, 2005.

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    I have been playing with WRT54G V3 and was able to update the firmware via the radio. I had been using hypWRT and started seeing some funny LAN port stuff. It would connect and then disconnect the LAN ports about every 15 seconds. I decided to go back to the Linksys firmware, but the LAN port action made flashing via cable hard to do. I tried the tftp method using ping -t but there were so many good pings coming out of the router it was hard to tell when to start the tftp. I tried the radio and it worked just fine.

    Now a question for other WRT54G V3 owners. The new white power LED and the orange LED beside it come on and stay on all the time when the unit is operating. Does yours do that? If you have the front off of the router it is easy to see the lights. If not the Cisco lable lights up white but the right side will have a slight orange tint if both LEDs are on.

    Be sure to take out the two screws in the front feet if you plan to take off the front of the router. Putting these screws back in is a challange that I have not mastered. The rubber feet make if very hard to see the hole where the screw must go. The thing snaps together well enough that I just put a piece of tape over each front foot so the screw will not fall out and left it that way.

    Now for my last question. Has anyone been able to configure version 3 hardware to run in client mode? If so what firmware were you using?


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