WRT54G Version 5, Eject Another One Network Connection

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by koarla, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. koarla

    koarla LI Guru Member

    Hi, All,

    Just have a WRT54G Version 5 router and with firmware 1.0.6. Configurated for two desktop to share the internet. Now I am experiencing the problem that sounds like the router just can support only one desktop, once another desktop is plugged in the router, the current one will have the connection broken, the icon of network will show up with "cable not connected".

    Does somebody have idea?

    Thank a lots.

  2. koarla

    koarla LI Guru Member

    Sounds like that nobody is experiencing this kind of problem.
    After dig into the router for about one week, one thing I want update with that the problem will be fixed after keeping the wireless setup as default-- MIX & Broadcast the SSID.
    Usually I just disable the ability of SSID broadcasting.
    This weekend I will go ahead to disable the wireless.

    V5 IS JUNCK!
  3. koarla

    koarla LI Guru Member

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