WRT54G version 5 Home Network Problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dancanmt, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. dancanmt

    dancanmt Guest

    Have two PC's wired to the router (WRT54G ver. 5), one wireless connection and a dedicated Net drive. Using XP Home and all have the same workgroup.

    All three computers have an active internet connection - no problem there.

    Laptop communicates with one PC and vice versa. Both of these can access the network drive.

    Other computer constantly drops network connection between other two computers and the net drive.

    Have QOS and Service Protocol installed and enabled (only way wired computers will share).

    Have to reinstall home network on the computer that does not hold connection. Reboot all computers and reselect network places to the problem computer.

    Everything then shares (for a while). Then other computer desktop blinks (times out I guess) and the mouse cursor turns between pointer and hourglass. However I am able to open the other PC's shared files. This lasts for a period of time and then the connection to the problem computer drops. All three function and all three can access internet. Just am not able to connect one PC and the laptop to the other computer.

    Anyone been through this? Does it sound as though I have a short in the Router or maybe the NIC on the troubled computer is failing? HELP!
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