WRT54G VPN setup

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by justapilot, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. justapilot

    justapilot Guest

    I just bought the the WRT54G. I want to set up a VPN. I am using a cable modem with comcast as the provider, and running win xp pro on the desktop that I want to VPN into. Is this possible? If so, WHAT DO I DO? :?: :?: :?:
  2. hhawkman

    hhawkman Network Guru Member

    It's really simple.
    Go to network connections.
    Run the "New Connection Wizard"
    Set up an advanced connection
    Accept incoming connections

    Skip over "devices for incoming Connections"

    Allow Virtual private connections

    Choose which user accounts can use the connection (make sure it is a password protected account or create a new account with a good password)

    Type of connection should require no adjustments (rough call, I assume normal setup)

    FInish and done there.

    Your computer is now listening on port 1723... SO
    Set port forwarding on the router to forward port 1723 to your computer.
    On your passthrough settings, make sure all are allowed to passthrough (vpn, ipsec, etc)

    That should do it.
    Try it from "outside" your router (from the internet, a friends house, or work)

    Set up a new connection there using new connection wizard to Connect using a VPN, and play, most cases it will work right off the bat. you are now connected to your home network. Assuming your computer has shared directories, you can connect to them like you were another computer on your home network. (DON'T SAVE ACCOUNT Settings, (username, password))

    I also set up myself on remote desktop, so I can connect to my computer as if I were sitting in front of it, but that's another topic. If you get this far, the rest should be easy.

    If you get stuck on something, "F1" , like google, is your friend. :grin:
  3. ricflair

    ricflair Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi, thought I’d bump this (very!) old thread, as I’m about to do the same, with the same Linksys router.

    Here is my problem. Im on Virgin broadband. If I try to ping my virgin broadband modem (from “outside” a friends house for example), it’s not reachable.

    So, am I right in thinking I’m off to a “non starter” here?

    If so, anyone know if Virgin can make residential customers broadband modems pingable upon request?

    PS I’m a novice with VPN’s, so sorry if these are daft questions.
  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    You need to use a dyndns service to create an internet accessible name for your home connection - then configure your PC/router to respond to ping request.
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