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  1. Cjaiceman

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    I have been reading a lot here on the site, but I have yet to hear a solid answer on which firmware would work the best as a VPN server. I tried Wi-Fibox and it doesn't work (or I just can't get it configured properly :eek: ). I perfer IPsec, but I would be ok with PPTP. Also, is there a firmware out there that would let me make different user accounts for the VPN, I only need 3 or 4 accounts. (Or maybe a way to let multiple people in @ once through the same account?)

    Any help is great, thank you in advance!
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Alchemy, DD-WRT, Talisman (and presumably OpenWRT) have VPN support. By default it's only PPTP. If you need IPSEC, you'll have to build it from source with IPSEC support. I think with IPSEC the firmware is so big, that you can install it only on WRT54GS devices, but not on WRT54G.

    You can create multiple VPN user accounts with all these firmware versions. Just enter a list of user ids and passwords in the PPTP server configuration box on the Adminstration page.
    user1 * pass1 *
    user2 * pass2 *
    user3 * pass3 *

    While you can connect more than one VPN client to the WRT54G, I would recommend to do this, because the CPU of the router is not fast enough for handling multiple VPN connections. Even with only one VPN client connected, things are getting terribly slow. Don't expect to get more than 1-3 MBit/s over a VPN connection. And every additional VPN connection is slowing down the router even more.
  3. Cjaiceman

    Cjaiceman Network Guru Member

    Wow, great answer. I also only plan on using the VPN for getting small documents off my desktop so speed should not be an issue, and with an upload of only 768kbps I don't think the WRT54G will be straining to much :grin:
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