Wrt54g Vrs Gl Vrs Befw11

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by w3wjr, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. w3wjr

    w3wjr LI Guru Member

    Currently have a BEFW11. Brought home a WRT54Gv8.

    I did some testing at home. My BEFW11 shows around 80 outside my house, the WRT54G shows 22 at the same location, and I could not log into it!
    I can't even get a wireless connection at different locations in my house (while the EEFW11 shows almost 100 signal in all rooms of the house).

    Maybe I have a bad unit? (its going back anyway).
    Does the WRT54GL have a different wireless chip set?
    I have read several posts on other places where the Broadcom 5000 series is much better then the 4000 series, but finding a location that shows which chipset is in which router has been a PITA.

    Better yet, Where can I find which Wireless router is best? My requirements are as follows
    Support DD-WRT
    Removable antenna so I can run attach jumpers without opening up the case.
    More power. I qualify for part 97 FCC rules if needed :biggrin:
    This is sitting behind a checkpoint/Nokia firewall, it does not really need a WAN, but it would be nice if I could get the repeater function to work while out in my RV.

    What should I buy?
  2. liquidzyklon

    liquidzyklon LI Guru Member

    Here's a quick response.
    WRT54G v5+ are garbage! Wiki has a good comparison of what the specs are for various WRT54Gs. I think most people would recommend the WRT54GL 1.1 which definitely supports 3rd party firmwares. The other options, I have no knowledge about and can't help there.
  3. Slimey

    Slimey Network Guru Member

    WRT54GL if in doubt or one of the Buffalo routers that support 3rd party firmwares.
  4. w3wjr

    w3wjr LI Guru Member

    I read a couple other posts today where people had a WRT54g go bad, so they bought a new one. the new one was V8, and had less power.
    I tried it again tonight, where the befw11 has 90% I could not even log into the V8 (yes, the 11 was turned off at the time.)

    I think I am going to get a Engenius 3220 since all I need is an access point and not a firewall/router.
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